Hang out with Dogman and Rabbitwoman by Gillie and Marc at Kafnu Alexandria

Kafnu Alexandria, Australia’s first members-only club that offers accommodation, meeting and work facilities and a social community, has welcomed 20 new residents and they go by the name Dogman and Rabbitwoman.

With a pop of colour and a burst of whimsy, Kafnu Alexandria is thrilled to announce it has partnered with one of the country’s most prolific creators of public art, Gillie and Marc, and their iconic artworks now adorn the walls and hallways of the thriving members only space.

Standing guard at the entrance to Level 2 of the complex is one of Gillie and Marc’s iconic light blue Dogman sculptures and depending on the time of day, his mood and what’s happening in the office, he moves around the floor, keeping watch on what’s going on.

In addition, adorning the walls of each of Kafnu’s 16 boutique hotel guestrooms are a number of limited edition framed prints, which include illustrations of Dogman and Rabbitwoman in various poses riding on a scooter.

All of the prints are available for sale through Kafnu Alexandria. And, if members can’t get enough of their work, there are numerous Gillie and Marc coffee table books dotted around the space.

General Manager for Kafnu Alexandria, Simon Hall, said the partnership was meant to be and that it was ‘love at first sight’ when he and the masterminds behind Gillie and Marc met. “When we first opened Kafnu Alexandria we really wanted to engrain ourselves in the local community and connect with businesses in and around the area and build upon a sense of unity. Gillie and Marc’s studio is located just down the road from Kafnu Alexandria and when we met, there was a mutual respect for what each of us was trying to achieve creatively.”

Kafnu properties are designed to foster co-creation, co-exploration and co-innovation. The Kafnu brand aims to connect like-minded individuals including creators and business owners and support them in their journey to success. Kafnu also offers bespoke member events and curated workshops tailored to the needs of its community.

“Kafnu Alexandria is already home to some outstanding pieces of art and we are passionate about creating an inspiring space that fosters creativity and innovation for our members and their guests. The work of Gillie and Marc perfectly aligns with our philosophy and with the look and feel of Kafnu Alexandria and we are thrilled to be able to showcase their artwork around Kafnu Alexandria. Plus, our members enjoy seeing where Dogman turns up next,” added Simon.