A Holistic Approach to Urban Spaces

Today’s paradigm for asset management is out of tune and at risk. The hotels and offices of today have largely been created for the needs of yesterday: compartmentalized, rigid, and overly-polished.

Yet today's travellers, workers, and mobile citizens want something markedly different: a blended space that's always adapting to their particular needs.

Optimizing a real estate asset for one purpose no longer works. Next Story Group's biggest value to asset owners is our rapid adaptability. By being able to efficiently change with the times we cater to customer needs today, but adapt with agility to their needs tomorrow.

Next Story Group brings together the best in research, design, marketing, management, and technology to create greater value for each asset than if it were designed and managed with a single purpose.

We believe a holistic approach is the most logical way to futureproof an urban space.